The Faythe Medical Centre are now providing Occupational  Medicine services to businesses operating locally and nationally.

  • Advising on health and safety policies, practices and procedures
  • Providing medical input into attendance management programmes
  • Advising on fitness to work through pre-employment and pre-placement assessments
  • Reviewing the fitness of employees post-illness, as well as advising on rehabilitation and redeployment
  • Monitoring the health of the workforce and implementing appropriate health promotion programmes
  • Assessing the risks to the health of individuals or groups engaged in particular tasks
  • Helping with the provision of programmes to address alcohol, drug and gambling problems

Should your business or operation require any of the above services on an ongoing basis, or have any other queries with regard to occupational medicine services, our Specialist Occupational Doctor, Dr. Mark McClean, would be delighted to discuss further at your convenience.

employment-265x100Assessing potential employees to ensure fitness for specific roles and duties. Full screening medicals including – social and lifestyle questionnaire, medical and surgical history, physical examination, pulmonary function testing, cardiovascular examination, blood pressure monitor, audiometric testing, eyesight testing, blood profile and basic medical information.

Assessment of employees to ensure they are fit to return to duties following sickness, injury or absence.

Assistance on workplace risk assessments, documentation of health and safety policies, guidance on adherence with HSA legislation, hazard identification, health promotion programmes and employee assistance programmes.

Absenteeism can be reduced and managed by evaluation of employee’s fitness and ability to complete their duties.  A detailed report can be compiled for employers outlining employee’s current fitness status, expected duration of absence, restrictions on return to work and required medical input for the duration of the employee’s absence.

Health surveillance allows for early identification of occupationally related ill health and can identify if corrective action is required. Health promotion initiatives can include smoking cessation, weight loss programmes, exercise advice, stress reduction strategies and health screening. Benefits of health promotion within a company can include improved employee satisfaction, increased productivity, a healthier workplace, improved morale and fewer absences from work.