soft-tisueWe are trained in the injection of soft tissue and joints for treatments such as knee arthritis, shoulder problems, chronic soft tissue pain etc. This is often used for the relief of painful conditions such as osteoarthritis. This service is covered by most private health insurers.

venesectionWe can provide a venesection service for patients with a diagnosis of haemochromatosis. This service is usually covered by private health insurance.

cryoCryotherapy involves the use of Liquid Nitrogen to distort and kill the cells causing warts, verrucae, skin tags, genital warts etc. Usually, multiple treatments are required for this to be effective. This service is covered on the medical card and is also covered by most private health insurers.

minorsurgeryWe provide a safe, efficient and highly skilled service for minor surgical procedures such as mole removal, cyst excision, skin tags etc. This service can often we provided within days, saving you the time and expense of hospital referral. All specimens excised are sent for detailed pathological assessment and the results are usually available within 3 weeks. This service is covered by all private health insurers.